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8 Tips for Making a Awesome College Schedule

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We can say that preparing a college schedule is a serious task. Using the time efficiently will be so important for students under today’s globalizing world conditions. Because many children prefer using mobile phones,
playing video games and watching different channels on TV generally when we compare them with the past times. Under today’s conditions, making a successful college schedule is getting harder day by day.
Students who want to use their time efficiently, first of all, to watch TV, meet with friends to take time to take the time to choose between self-study. The important point to be taken into consideration when making this selection is that individual
is determined which one of them is the priority. Before you do a study program, you should know very well how you use your time. To do this, you should get a notebook and note what you did between this lunch, between lunch and lunch, between lunch
and dinner, after dinner and sleep. However, in the light of these findings, you can prepare a college schedule for yourself. Let’s have a look at the main 8 tips for the concept of making a college schedule :


1- Recognize your target group :

First of all, if you recognized your student group well, making a college schedule will be so easy for you. Because you have already learned all of the daily habits and programs for your target group.
Learning yourself will be key for you. At what hour you are energetic, at what hour you study is productive for you, what time is your sleep coming, what are your meal hours, which you can easily or hard to understand, how much time you should give
your friends, movies you watch, think about all of your time with your family and write on a piece of paper. Do this weekly. Know which day you spent on and what time you spent outside the course.


2- Weekly College Schedule :

Organize your study schedule on a weekly basis. Write down what to do every day of the week. In the coursework program, you should take the hours you see in the school. Plan your next day’s course review. For example, you left the school
on Tuesday. I find it helpful to put the repetition of the lessons in the first place. In the next stage take lessons, you will see on Wednesday.


3- Face with Hard Subjects :

I see that the students do not give much space to the courses that they have difficulty in the coursework programs. Wrong habit. On the contrary, you must give priority to the lessons you are forced. And you should keep the time a little longer. Instead
of avoiding these lessons, you should also program the possibilities of your surroundings. For example, if you have difficulty in math, try to get support from a friend who understands better, do not hesitate to go to your teacher. Try to learn the
subject from different angles by taking auxiliary resources. Do as much as you can. That’s what you didn’t do. The best program in the world will be of no use to you.


4- Be careful while Sorting Subjects :

It’s so important while making a college schedule. Because the sorting concept may cause the mixture of learned information. For example, if you determine a program maths after geometry. It may be confusing.


5- Studying Time :


Of course, studying time will be so important. Generally, the intensity level of any subject is the determinant factor of the studying time. For different subjects, determining different studying time may be helpful for you. However, when solving problems
such as mathematics and you can not break the situation, you can extend your time reasonably in case you can not break the subject integrity.


6- Resting Period :

Always put a 10-minute rest at the end of each coursework. These listening intervals are important for digesting information. Present these rest intervals as a reward for yourself. On the other hand, the resting period may change for the intensity level
of any subject. You can also determine the different resting time for different subjects.


7- Choose flexible programs and follow it :


Are we going to study irregularly because the programs are inefficient, unworkable and unsustainable? Of course no. Regularity is very important for efficient work and learning. You should learn the subject well, consolidate it, put it on it, proceed,
postpone it and not stay behind. One of the musts of regular work is continuity; So every day work in sufficient quantity. You don’t necessarily need a chart to provide all of this, and when you follow the lessons and try not to stay behind the subjects,
you are already in a working order.


8- Sleep Duration :


Sleep duration is so important like resting. The effect of healthy sleep in school achievement was tested and approved by research. Research revealed that regular sleeping students had better grades than those who did not sleep well. At this stage of
sleep, it is critical that different parts of the brain interact with each other. The hippocampus region, which is related to rapid learning, is in constant communication with the neocortex region which provides consolidation for long-term memory.
In other words, when we learn a new word, the neocortex region needs to be activated in order to consolidate that knowledge and model it with other information while making the first coding for the hippocampus brain.